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Pathways at Bell Gardens High School

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Pathways at the High School

What is Pathways?

Pathways to College and Career Success is an approach to high school that integrates A-G course work with Career Technical Education. Students are successful in rigorous A-G courses because the career focus provides relevance through real world hands on experiences.  In addition to rigor and relevance, students in pathways create relationships with their peers, teachers, counselors and industry partners. Ultimately this supports a student’s ability to graduate ready for both college and career.  MUSD is undertaking this initiative with the support of a planning grant from ConnectEd The California Center for College and Career.


Pathway Students Expectations

Students will…

  • Enroll in specialized classes
  • Experience project-based hands on learning
  • Work in a cohort of students throughout high school
  • Participate in job shadowing and internships opportunities
  • Explore pathway opportunities through field trips
  • Learn from guest speakers, and industry professionals
  • Explore post-secondary campuses and options
  • Form community and business partners, as well as educational partnerships
  • Each Academy includes academic instruction in English, math, science, social studies, physical education and visual & performing arts.
  • Development of personal and group leadership skills as provided by active participation in a Career Technical Education student organization.


Pathways at Schurr High School

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The Engineering mission of the engineering and metal design academy is to provide rigorous standards-based curriculum and real-world engineering experiences to prepare students for a wide range of college and career paths.

Pathways at the ATC High School


PALS--Public and Legal Services



Health Services and Medical Technology


CHEF--Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management


Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering Lab

Pathways at Montebello High School

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DrivenOur mission is to prepare our students with post-secondary options in the field of transportation technology, with an emphasis on conservation and alternative energy. 



Preparing students to be the creative artists of tomorrow by offering rigorous A-G coursework & creative technology media training in preparation for a variety of college and career opportunities.